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New & Original Beckman Coulter Cartridge Reagent Test Free T3/HBs Ag/CMV IgG/HIV/TSH B33458/B33459/B33460 Reagent Beckman Coulter

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New & Original Beckman Coulter Cartridge Reagent Test Free T3/HBs Ag/CMV IgG/HIV/TSH B33458/B33459/B33460 Reagent Beckman Coulter


CODE                                        NAME

A10827 DHEAS, Calibrator Set
A12985 Anti Thyroid peroxidase (Anti TPO)
A13422 Free T3
A13430 Free T3 Calibrator Set
A14206 RBC Folate Lysate Sol
A98033 Folate Calibrator Set
A98032 Folate (Folic Acid)
A16364 Eritopoetin (EPO)
A16365 EPO Calibrator Set
A16369 Interleukin 6 (IL6)
A16370 IL6 Calibrator Set
A16371 IL6 Control
A16792 Wash Buffer II Access 
A16793 Wash Buffer II DxI
A16953 intact PTH Calibrator Set
A16972 Parathormon (intact PTH)
A18227 Anti TPO Calibrator Set
A24291 HBs Ag
A24292 HBs Ag Calibrator Set
A24294 HBs Ag QC 3 SET
A24295 HBs Ag Confirmation
A24296 HBs Ab (Anti HBs) 
A24297 Anti HBs (HBs Ab) Calibrator Set
A24298 Anti HBs (HBs Ab) QC
A31588 Toxo IgG II
A31589 Toxo IgG Calibrator Set
A31590 Toxo IgG Control
A32493 sTfR Reagent (Soluble Transferrin Receptor)
A32494 sTfR Calibrator Set
A32775 Duckbill valve
A32898 Anti-Thyroglobulin (Anti TG)
A32937 Rubella IgM
A36097 Inhibin A
A36098 Inhibin A Calibrator Set
A36100 Inhibin A Control
A36920 Anti-Thyroglobulin Calibrator Set
A40702 CMV IgG
A40703 CMV IgG Calibrator Set
A40704 CMV IgG Control
A40705 CMV IgM
A40706 CMV IgM Calibrator Set
A40707 CMV IgM Control
A48572 PAPP-A Calibrator
A48573 PAPP-A Control
A48617 SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin)
A48618 SHBG Calibrator
A48619 SHBG Control
A55872 Biorad Speciality QC Level 1
A98143 AccuTnI+3 for use on ACCESS 2X50 Det
A98144 AccuTnI+3 for use on Access Cals S0-S5
A98264 AccuTnI+3 for use on DxI 2x50 Det
A98265 AccuTni +3 for use on DxI Cals S0-S5
B52699 ACCESS hsTNI 2X50 DET
A40124 Biorad Lypocheck Immunoassay Control 1
A40125 Biorad Lypocheck Immunoassay Control 2
A40126 Biorad Lypocheck Immunoassay Control 3
A83596 Lyphochek® TUMOR MARKER Level 1
A83597 Lyphochek® TUMOR MARKER Level 2
A83598 Lyphochek® TUMOR MARKER Level 3
A79741 Liquichek™ Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT, Level 1
A79742 Liquichek™ Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT Level 2
B24838 Access2 Total Vitamin D
B24839 Access2 Total Vitamin D Cal
A98856 DxI Total Vitamin D
A98857 DxI Total Vitamin D Cal
A59429 HIV COMBO Cal Set
A59430 HIV COMBO QC set 
B13127 Access® AMH 2x50 DET
B13128 Access® AMH Calibrators S0 - S5
B13129 Access® AMH QC C1 - C3
A85264 ACCESS TOTAL B- hCG 2x50 Det
B11754 TBhCG Calibrators S0-S5
B33458 Access HCV Ab V3
A79783 Sample Diluent A Onboard Reagent Kit
A79784 Wash Buffer II Onboard Reagent Kit
B63284 Access TSH (3rd IS) 2x100 Det
B63285 Access TSH (3rd IS) Cals S0-S5
B33459 Access HCV Ab V3 Calibrators
B33460 Access HCV Ab V3 QC
B94806 Sero Autoimmune Level1
B94807 Sero Autoimmune Level2

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